10season opener at the Cowboys

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replica bags online Beckham did not practice Wednesday, and was not present for the Giants’ firstworkout since Monday’s 10 6 preseason loss to the Browns. His absence came on the heels of an ESPN report, citing sources, that said Beckham may not be ready for the Giants’ Sept. 10season opener at the Cowboys.That report which McAdoo did not confirm or deny raised 7a replica bags wholesale a question: If the injury, which Beckham suffered in the first half against Cleveland after a low hit, was serious, why was Beckham allowed to return to the sideline in the second halfand walk around with a light wrap on his ankle, then jog to the locker room at the end replica bags vuitton of the game?McAdoo didn’t explain the Giants’ reasoning, but said he does not have any qualms in hindsight.”No regrets, no,” McAdoo said. replica bags online

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