Turns out I had ADHD and didn know it until I was in my mid 30

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I never knew what I wanted to do. Lots of things interested me and I thought would be my career but after trying it out I would get bored and move on to something else. Turns out I had ADHD and didn know it until I was in my mid 30 I found out that my brain gets bored and needed something new to stimulate me.

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Were going to make up for how disappointing Lucas ended up being. Nope, they suck in their own ways.Others I have found disappointing personally:All Star Wars prequels, though we had lowered our hopes after the first oneReady Player One fun book, really bad movie. Or at least a really mediocre movie.

He asked me straight up and I told him the truth. They were going to die to be made into food. And he asked what kind of food, so I told him ham and bacon and pork chops. So nearly me. Parked on the beach with all the other cars, go for a leisurely cliff top walk. On the way back, notice the sea much closer to the cliffs than before.


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